Want to see how we do it?



Want to see how we do it?



Want to see how we do it?



Want to see how we do it?



Want to see how we do it?

Blast the Plast!

Who we are:

The Erasmus+ project “Blast the Plast” is a project involving three partner schools from Germany (Alemannenschule Wutöschingen), Iceland (Sjálandsskóli Gardabear) and Sweden (Tunaholmsskolan Mariestad) with students from lower secondary level. Civic engagement and responsible citizenship are the main priorities of this project with the reduction of single use plastic being the major aim of the 2018 European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy of the European Commission. In addition, students have to be made aware that it is essential and crucial to work together globally to eliminate plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on people and the environment and thereby preserve our resources. As a result of the project, the link between plastic pollution and climate change should become more apparent to our future generation as well as the individual contribution we can make.

What we do:

Our work includes different fields:

> Science Projects – where  we find out more about the nature of plastic and how its affecting our lives and our planet.

> DIYs – where we take existing plastic waste, and make it into something new, exciting and most importantly substainable.

> Podcasts – where we learn more about plastic ourselves and make an effort to educate the people around us and all over the world

And we do a whole lot more!

Want to get started yourself?

You want to become a plastic free ambassador yourself? You think your school should become plastic free ? 

Project partners

The Project is financed by the European Union through the ERASMUS + programm. 

“Hochschule der Medien” is a public university (funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg) which teaches media specialists. It covers a broad spectrum of media expertise. About 30 accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes mirror this diversity. 

Creative and passionate fashion designer and seamstress Katja Bercher that loves to teach her craft and help with awesome upcycling ideas!

The Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung (LKJ) Baden-Wuerttemberg implements programmes and projects for cultural and media-supported youth education. It is a state-wide umbrella organisation and represents the interest of cultural educational work with children and youths in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

“Project wings” is a group of young visionaries trying to make the world a better place by building the biggest recycling village ever created by mankind.

Press Release

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