Our Podcast

In our following Podcasts we discuss a lot of themes round about sustainability. The Episodes are in german or in english.
They’re directly from the Students of the schools in Germany, Iceland and Sweden. New Podcast-Episodes are coming regularly and this page will be updated.

We hope you have fun with it and we can help you to understand these topics.

Fast,-& Fairfashion - German
Fast,-& Fairfashion - English
Greenhouse-Effect - English

This is the first Podcast about Fast,- & Fairfashion from Andreas and Zoe.
They’re students from the Wutöschingen-School in Germany and this Episode is
in german language.

This Podcast is the same than the left one, but in english language.

In this Episode the Maintopic is the Greenhouse-Effect. We clear up your missing informations and fill your knowledge with necessary and extensive informations.
Have fun with it!