Make a difference – Waste management in the municipality

The students in Sweden did recently do a survey where they investigated the possibilities to recycle on some local places in the municipality. The results where interesting as it turned out that the differences between the places where big.

For instance, the possibility to recycle on one of the local preschools where absolutely great, while it was really bad at our own school Tunaholmsskolan. We worked hard during online school to finish the investigation and alert the local news, our headmaster and the municipal management to really make a different. That worked out really well as we got attention in the newspaper and the management of the school and municipality got engaged. Some of the topics that were investigated was the possibility of sorting waste in different rooms, the use of disposable items and if the waste was taken care of in a good way. The places that took part in the survey was the local hospital, town hall, residence, preschool, our own school and another school in the area.