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Case Study – Teachers Coffee ☕️ & Plastic Waste

It is no secret that teachers love coffee, but maybe they love it a bit too much? Are the teachers at our school contributing to more pollution, simply by drinking their favorite beverage?

In this study, we made a bit of a change to how the teachers threw away the plastic wrapping on the coffee powder they use. Instead of throwing it in the regular trash, we made everyone throw it in our ✨special✨ trash box. Then, after a month, we took the plastics and weighted them. And the results were shocking!

It turns out that the teachers use about 0,8 kg of plastic coffee bags each month, which translates to about 8 kilos per year. One kilo of recycled plastic means about two kilos less CO2 in the atmosphere. Because our plastics were not recycled, we missed out on about 16 kilos of less CO2! Clearly, one way to lower the carbon count is to recycle everything that you use.

It is more important than you think, and small amounts can quickly add up to large burdens on the earth!