Lessons Learned

Lesson learned? Tell the world about it!

It’s time to summarize our work and tell the world about. Earlier we’ve talked about making interesting movies to tell the world about our thoughts and ideas during this project.

First, we watch other movies and clips as inspiration and then we wrote our own scripts about what ́s been important and a sort of wakeup call for us during those years. We finally decided to use our school yard as the site for our recording work. The plan was to use stop motion, but circumstances due to Covid19 made us change direction. Those short movies were shown at our school.
We also held speeches at our school. A classic Speakers Corner, where all curious students, and teachers, could listen to our conclusions.

Aside from the movies we also did a vernissage at our school café so that everyone could read about what we’ve learnt and later on it will be shown in public as well. Waiting for restrictions to change…

Representative from the school board and our head teacher came by to thank us for our contributions and also told us that they were going to continue to work with our ideas for disposal at schools in our community.

Mariestadstidningen, our local newspaper, also made a final article after following us and the project for two years.

As a final we went to beautiful Residenset here in Mariestad. We upcycled old plastic bottles into bee hotels for all small insects. After that we had a really tasteful Swedish fika.