Lessons Learned

Swap It ♸

Unfortunately it is not rare anymore these days to see images of beaches and land stripes all over the world that are filled with plastic waste. It seems as if our planet is urging us to do something against that and maybe to consider plastic free alternatives.

After one year of working on the topic of plastic and plastic pollution, we have learned and seen for ourselves that the problem of plastic waste is starting to become unbearable.

We decided that it is a issue that we don’t want to ignore any longer. Therefore we have thought of simple and cheep everyday swap ideas that are  easily applicable in our everyday life.

It is all about you – everyone is different as has to check for himself/herself how one can start to make a small but significant change to ones daily routine.

Once you get the hang of it you will see: Plastic free swaps can be super easy! 😄

Here you can find some of our swap ideas – have fun!

And always remember:
You do not need to change these things too drastically:
*go slow

*go easy

*go plastic free

so that the earth is finally what it needs to be! 🌍

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