Baking cakes and building relationships – Wutöschingen meets Reykjavik

Our first day in Iceland started with a nice breakfast in the hostel.

Next we did a bus tour called “The Golden Circle Tour”.


We stopped at different spots like: The Thingvellir National Park where Icelanders declared independence from Denmark. In former times even the Vikings had their “trials” there.

Later on we went to Laugarvartnshellir. There we ate lunch and could explore the volcanic hills around us. Only a hundred years ago Icelandic people used to live in these caves. 

After the trip we went to school and played some games and ate hotdogs until the guest families took us to their homes where we are going to stay up until the end of our trip. We spent the evening having a milkshake and talking a bit to our host family.

Later that night we taught our hosts some German tradition and baked Linzertorte with them. It was a lot of fun! 🙂

Join us trying to learn some icelandic

Word of the day:   

🇮🇸 Govsher        

🇩🇪 Geysir

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