Let’s talk about the plast

Day 2 from the Erasmus project in Iceland! Daily routine: We got up at 8 o’clock and then had breakfast. After the breakfast we walked two minutes to school.

At school we played games to get to know the other students from Iceland and Sweden better. After that our exchange partner named Oscar gave us a guided tour through the Icelandic school.

After a movie introduction into the subject of plastic we started with the first task of the week. We were in trinational groups that means one person from every country. Our task was to find out the differences in the use of plastic from each country. Besides we also gave the Swedish and Icelandic students an introduction to nearpod and collected important vocabulary on the platform. We also had to talk about the plastic use in our everyday life.

In the evening we wanted to go into the football stadium from the Icelandic National Team but we didn’t go because the weather was too bad it was very rainy and windy. So we watched the game at home with burgers, french fries and Coke.

Word of the day:


Question to Oscar (our host):
„ Do you think Icelandic soccer team wins the game?”
„Yes of course I think they win because we have the better team.”

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