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Christmas is well known to be the most wonderful time of the year. That’s also what we, the German plastic ambassadors, thought. We decided to handcraft upcycled DIY bags for a good cause.

Ready – steady and on to the sewing machines was the motto for this project. All we needed was a lot of old plastic packaging that otherwise would have landed in the trash and transformed them into little unique masterpieces. With music blasting and sewing machines buzzing everyone found something to participate.

As great as they looked we did not keep the bags for ourselves but decided to sell them at the schools Christmas market. The feedback was without exception positive and the bags will be making an eye-catcher under every christmas tree. The proceeds will be donated to the local eco-farm Lindenhof.

For all of you guys that unfortunately could not join us at the Christmas market we launched an international give-away on our instagram account. Check it out!!

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