Get active

Aaaaaaaaaaaand … action

In order to get the message spread we had the amazing opportunity to be part of the LKJ BademWürttemberg project “YourStory”. The really nice team gave us an inside on how professional film making is done and helped us create our own master pieces 🎬  🎥

We learned all about how to write a storyline, get great shots and make a video really interesting but of course also fun!

We realized many different DIY tutorials and videos on the subject of sustainability to fight the issue of plastic pollution.

One group even made their own paper! 📜

All the hard work during the training days was worth the while – check our their awesome result!

Of course all of us got the chance to show our movies and talk to our classmates about it in our final presentation session with our LKJ mentors!

Special shout out to the both of them, they explained everything very well and we had a lot of fun and learned a lot!!

You can check out all of our videos on the LKJ Blog or on our website in the learn more section.

Enjoy and have fun! 🍿 💚