Lessons Learned

Small, Smaller, Micro Plastics

As we learned it takes hundreds of years for plastic to decompose. And even when it is not visible to our human eye anymore little bits and pieces still remain. Those debris can come in all shapes and sizes. Per definition one calls them “microplastics” if the reach a size less than five millimeters in length (like a sesame seed if you need help imagining it ).

As we had learned from our plastic diaries many of our day to day products contain plastics and in many body appliances there seem to be micro-plastics as well.

So we got scientific and tried to find out if the research was correct and how we were able to measure that.

With a little help from the chemistry department we started our science project.

We all analyzed different shower gels, peeling lotions and other cosmetics you can easily find and buy in any drug store.

The results were quite impressive and we indeed found traces of micro-plastic in some of the samples. This made us think of checking labels twice or even looking for sustainable and plastic free alternatives… Have you already checked out our DIY hacks? 😉