Think outside the box

At school we worked together in trinational groups on different projects.
Therefore we used a method called design thinking.

After an introduction on how it works we had to solve plastic related problems in our groups and make prototypes of our inventions and solutions.

Here we are having lunch in the Icelandic school cafeteria. Microwaves, so that everyone has something to eat even though you are not eating in the cafeteria. Fresh fruit and vegetable bar. This would be an amazing idea for our school too.

After we finished our work for the day we went to visit “Fly over Iceland”. We saw some cute souvenirs at the shop and some typical Icelandic trolls.

Later that day we were eating ice cream with our hosts. In the ice cream shop is a waste sorting system that is not typical in Iceland. For dinner we had “Dominos” Pizza for the first time in our lives. Are you hungry now?

Everyday we are cuddling with the dogs. This is Maní.

Word of the day

🇮🇸 = Útsyni yfir ísland  
🇩🇪 = Blick über Island.

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