ExchangesLessons Learned

Visiting Dalenium Science Center

Groups from the project “Blast the Plast” in Sweden was participating in a lecture made by John Downey from Dalenium Science Center. Throughout the day both Iceland and Germany could follow all contents as a virtual mobility.

During this lecture John Downey was talking about plastic, people and how it changed the planet. He also made a summary about how plastic might change the earth in the future. One of the most important questions asked was “what is creativity and how much of the future depends on creativity?” and he brought up an important question that make different people upset “Does people want to save the planet or just want to save themselves?”.

This question can affect motivation of different people to take part of trying to get rid of plastic waste that affects the environment. Because this question changes the perspective of this action. And because of changing perspective people can lose their motivation to act.

The practical thing the participants did was to sort the plastic and think about recycling at home, and how creativity of sorting rubbish at home can help to make less bad influences at environment.

Next practice exercise was to form thermoplastic to understand how plastic is formed at industries and different places. The last practice exercise was to build up creativity and try to make highest tower of plastic type 1 (PET).